Positivity Inspired Wall Decor

Positivity Inspired Wall Decor 

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do you want some FREE wall  Decor that brings positive vibes into your home?

I'm back with my final FREE print offer. This time with a brand new Positivity collection.

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What you get


My last free print offer was loved by over 17,500 people during the height of the covid-19 lockdown. So I've decided to release my second collection in exactly the same way!
This is likely going to be the last offer I release, so snap one up while you can.

Each piece is printed on the highest quality 350gsm Textured Artboard Card by a small, local and independent printing company. You're not only supporting me, but supporting a small local printing company. Packaged perfectly and ready to frame as soon as it's delivered to your home.

The size of the prints are 8x6inch. The perfect size to place anywhere and bring that well needed piece of positivity into your home.
*These physical prints are free only on this offer (I sell them for £13 normally), I'll cover the cost of  the material and printing so you can enjoy some of my positive wall art for free. All I ask is you please cover the small Post and Packing fee to ensure it arrives with you in good time and good condition.


Megan Town is a positivity enthusiast, known for her eye catching and beautiful wall art designs. 
As well as her drive to push positivity into the world one design at a time.

Born and raised in West Yorkshire, England, Megan has been creating her own wall art designs for over a year. She decided it was time to bring them to the world to help bring the well needed positivity to anyone and everyone.

Megan's messages are simple, bold and overwhelmingly positive. 

They're designed to strike you, stop you in your tracks and help you realise that no matter what you may be going through, the light always shines somewhere. It's just a case of finding it, then grasping hold of it as tight as you can and never letting go. 

Her designs on your wall are there to help you remember that.

What People Are Saying

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"Each piece in my Positivity 2.0 collection is created to help bring that well-needed positivity into your life in these uncertain and crazy times.
It's so hard to step back and disconnect from the masses of negative information available to us and, sometimes, this sets us back physically and mentally. 
A simple positive message, framed on your wall could be all you need to bring you back into the room and to help you realise that you can make it through the hard times you and your loved ones are facing."


Size - 8x6inch
£13 now £0.00


Size - 8x6inch
£13 now £0.00

Sinead Armstrong Gouldie

"I ordered my free print for my daughter. it arrived very quickly and is great quality she was very pleased with it. Thank you!"


Size - 8x6inch
£13 now £0.00


Size - 8x6inch
£13 now £0.00

Danielle Louise

"I received my free “you’ve got this” print from Meg, it’s a phrase me and my best friends often use amongst ourselves to keep ourselves and each other feeling positive! It’s a great quality print and such a lovely idea! Can’t wait to find a cute frame and get it on my wall. Thank you so much!☺️💕xx"


Size - 8x6inch
£13 now £0.00


Size - 8x6inch
£13 now £0.00

Yvonne Alcock

"I ordered a print "You got this" for a friend who is currently going through cancer treatment, she loved it and placed it were she could see it , positive words can mean so much, quality of print is excellent and came through the post quickly, thankyou Meg for sending out such positivity x"


Size - 8x6inch
£13 now £0.00


Size - 8x6inch
£13 now £0.00

FREquently asked questions

Why are the prints free?
1. It's so hard to step back and disconnect from the masses of negative information available to us and, sometimes, this sets us back physically and mentally. A simple and positive message, framed and on your wall could be all you need to bring you back into the room and to help you realise that you can make it through the hard times you and your loved ones are facing. I want to help as many people as I can get on the right track.

2. I also know that decorating your home can be a difficult process and expensive!! There’s so many choices out there! I want to make choosing some wall art for your home that little bit easier for you, by letting you try my positivity wall prints out for free!
What size are the prints?
The free prints are 8x6inch in size. This is a standard print size so there are many frame options available online and on the high street.
How long will it take to receive my print?
Currently, It's looking at around 7 days from when you order for it to arrive through your letterbox.
I do please ask to allow up to 14 days for it to arrive before contacting me though. (this is due to some continued delays due to covid)
This sounds too good to be true, is it real?
Yes, this is real! These physical prints are free only on this offer (I sell them for £13 normally on my main website), If you have any concerns, you can look at all the positive feedback I've had from hundreds of people on my review page who took up my first free print offer here
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